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Concert Posters

boiler rat

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I try to buy concert posters whenever I go to the shows. I like the recent Swell Season @ Massey Hall poster and I have posters from the last The White Stripes concert at the Molson Amphitheatre and Raconteurs at Kool Haus. All are venue specific which makes them more valuable and rare.

I also have posters from BB King, two from the Trey band, a few from Gov't Mule, Cuff the Duke, Pearl Jam, Phil Lesh and a few more. Now, if only I had enough walls to hang them...

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I collect concert prints. Have some framed and a couple of portfolia full. This are my two favourites.


SCI, Hookah - Fall Tour '04, Jeff Wood, Drowning Creek Studio


Umphrey's McGee, Dragon - SanFran GAMH '05, Jeff Wood, DCS

and I love these ones too.


White Stripes, Bicycle - Fillmore '02, Filthyape


Phish, Pod Racer - Cinci '02, House Industries


SCI, Winged - Campe Verde '00, Bob Masse (confiscated, never sold)

and this is my favourite lot poster (unofficial).


Phish, Coventry '04, Pete Navales

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Jakis, that 10000 Lakes poster is wicked. Carstairs White Stripes is also cool as shit.

Jordan and Lisa own this one. Lynn went to pick one up at the same time and the very last one was sold right before she asked for it. 20$ at the show and 250$ at Lonestar Posters now. I love this one:


I think I have an original of this one but it aint in the best of shape now. I bought it for 10$ in 1990 when I was young and dumb. I have seen it for 2 grand at the Wolfgang site:


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