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may I introduce Itchy and Scratchy....


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So our place outside Guelph is zoned agricultural, and came with a small barn and a large lawn. A friend with a sheep dairy got given these two, and discovered that they were too small to stay with the rest of his flock. He had been looking for a new home for them, it seemed to all fit together perfectly...so last weekend, we drove up to Hillsburgh and came home with two sheep. They are our new lawn mowers and fertilizer producers, and are terribly cute to boot.

Itchy is the lighter coloured and currently friendlier one. Scratchy is still a bit skittish, but that should disappear with time.

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Excellent! before I got left ontario.. I had been doing alot of brush and tree removal.. By hand very labour intensive!... I was seriously considering going over to the keady market and buying a donkey. Im still thinking about getting a donkey when I get back to the homeland.

Those things that you have there timouse will enjoy ceader foilage. I have an aqaintance that comes from a small country near chilli. He has show goats. And alot of them are the miniature ones. he was saying that they enjoy eating ceader in the winter.. Main thing is to keep there quarters Clean and dry during the cold months and check there feet (hooves) every day for things that look odd.

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