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In Philadelphia, when it comes to cold-cut based sandwiches, there aren’t any "submarines." A "hero" is best described as someone who puts their life on the line for the safety of others, such as the firemen, policemen and our military. A "zeppelin" is something that occasionally floats over a big sporting event. The truth is, to real Philadelphians; it’s long been known as a hoagie. According to popular belief, the hoagie originated in Philadelphia many years ago. It has been produced in many varieties and styles, and has long been one of the most popular food items in the Delaware Valley. Although you can find hoagies being made on just about every other street corner in South Philadelphia, we at Primo have kicked it up a notch.

Holy fucking sheepshit batman. My lovely wife returned from Philadelphia last night. What do you think she brought this deli afficianado home? None other than an "Original South Philly HOAGIE"

This is the real deal, this ain't no $4.00 DiRienzo Italian Sandwich.

This is a fucking 12" meat torpedo. As I was plowing through this cocksucker I noticed what I can only describe as meat about 2 inches thick!! 2 mother fucking inches!!

The deli features Thumann's deli meat. My hoagie featured thier hot capacola, proscuitto, natural casing genoa, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, salt and pepper, served on a white Italian sesame seed covered loaf!

I don't know what else to say, except this was one of the tastiest sandwiches I have ever had!

We need a real hoagie house in O-town. The D, German town, and any other delis here just don't cut the mustard.

That is all

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I was starting to feel the regret of passing it up when I fell upon the wise words of dave-0:

I need to point out that everyone from Kingston that doesn't have the last name Bouchard' date=' Barrett, Ball or Belair thinks the Hoagie House is fuÇking disgusting.[/quote']

lol I could get you thousands of great reviews for the Hoagie House. Is it better than a Phili Hoagie, likely not, but it can still be satisfying.

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There's your answer Ollie. Mr Opposite finds The Hoagie House disgusting.

I will be the first to admit that ever so often you will order a hoagie and the person making it totally ruins it. Dont ask me how or why but it does happen. Personally, I like rolling the dice because when they hit it right, it cant be beat.....for Kingston. We aint talking Philly here.

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Lunch at Service Canada

Dec 3/08 12:15pm

As I approached the break room I could smell a familiar scent. It brought me back to 1986 when I was in Highschool. The times we would walk up Division St to our lunch destination...

The Hoagie House

Earlier today I had given my boss $8.00 to purchase a Hoagie for lunch. As I walked in the room she handed me $0.60 which she proclaimed was my change.

Then the smell was overwhelming... The beautiful, cheesey, onion smell. As my stomach churned with that exciting feeling of something good to come my mouth began to water.

There on the table in front of me were 23 individually wrapped Hoagies... paradise :)

I carefully unwrapped mine, put the pickles to the side (I like to eat them alone) and took my first bite.

It remided me of the Hoagies we had at the apartment on Curtis Cres. The ones we had in anticipation of a solid night (or two) of drinking. The melted cheese mixing with the steak a great taste sensation.

Once finished the reviews around the room were good. Five people were new to the Hoagie and all gave it a thumbs up.

I will be the first to admit the Hoagie House has slipped a bit over the years. They aren't as big... the bread and pickles are different. However when you bite into a Hoagie you aren't just not eating meat and bread. You are eating a little piece of Kingston. A tastey piece.

$7.40 well spent!

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