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MY ID with VERNON REID and other Jazz Heavyweights, Saturday, Dec. 6th, 20


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PJC proudly presents

Aubrey Dayle's




AUBREY DAYLE: Drums(James Blood Ulmer, John Popper)

VERNON REID: Guitar(Living Color)

RICH BROWN: Bass (Carol Welsman,Andy Stochansky,Autorickshaw)

ROBI BOTOS: Keys (Montreux Jazz Festival Solo Piano Competition Winner)

MICHAEL STUART: Sax (Juno Nominee/Jimmy McGriff)



Special guests:



At the Pepper Jack Cafe

38 King William St. Hamilton, 905 525-6666, www.pepperjackcafe.com

Saturday December 6th.

Advance Tickets: $12, $15 at the door.

$12 for students!

Available at Pepper Jack's


Drummer/composer Aubrey Dayle formed My id in 2001 as an electric jazz unit that features song like melodies, some world beat rhythms and virtuosic instrumentalism. The current lineup of My id includes bassist Rich Brown (Steve Colman) saxophonist Michael Stuart (Kenny Wheeler), the 2004 winner of the first prize at the international Montreux Jazz Festival jazz solo piano competition, Robi Botos (Pat LaBarbara, Bob Mover) and drummer Aubrey Dayle (Vernon Reid, James blood Ulmer). My id is a group we think of as NEO-Fusion. It pools its musician's collective experiences in genres from rock, world beat, R&B and hip hop to traditional jazz.

Aubrey Dayle

Aubrey Dayle was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He immigrated to Canada with his family, and was raised in Montreal. He began playing the accordion at age 5 and from there learned to play the piano. After completing his formal education at McGill and Manhattan School of Music in music Aubrey went on to perform in varied situations. He has toured with James 'Blood' Ulmer, Hassan Hakmoun (support act for Peter Gabriel), God Street Wine, The John Popper Band" and several other artist. Aubrey has recorded and toured with Vernon Reid on the Grammy nominated CD project called "Memphis 'Blood' The Sun sessions featuring James 'Blood' Ulmer" "No Escape from the Blues the Electric Lady sessions". Most recently, Aubrey has recorded another IN New Orleans call " Bad blood in the City" That was released on May 8th of this year. His diverse experience has also allowed him to perform with Garland Jeffreys, Sam Rivers, Peter Gabriel, David Murray, Chico Freeman and Ernest Ranglin among many others.

Vernon Reid

Vernon Reid was born in London, England August 22, 1958 but spent most of his childhood in Brooklyn, New York, where he grew up listening to an electric variety of pop music ranging from Dionne Warwick's hits to the Temptations while mastering the harmolodic theories of Ornette Coleman as a guitarist of the Decoding Society, he spent his time gigging with a wide array of artists ranging from pop producer Kashif to the jazz- punk-dance band Defunkt. Living Colour began as a trio in 1984. this band released five albums: the ground breaking 'Vivid' 1998, 'Times up' 1990, the EP 'Biscuits'1991, 'Stain' 1993 and the latest 'Collideoscope' 2003. Living Colour has sold over four million records worldwide, they have won numerous awards including two Grammy awards, two MTV Music Video Awards, Two International Rock Awards and several New York Music Awards.

Michael Stuart

A very spiritual person whose body of work reflects that, saxophonist Michael Stuart has always been very influenced by John Coltrane, although he approaches music from a highly personal direction. 
Born in Jamaica, saxophonist Michael Stuart moved to Toronto in 1969. In 1977, Stuart became a member of the Elvin Jones Jazz Machine, a position which he held for two tours, until 1978. Baby Bird album HYPERLINK "http://www.mp3.com/albums/summary.html" features Stuart's composition "Kalima." In 1979, Stuart's album HYPERLINK "http://www.mp3.com/albums/summary.html" was nominated for a Juno Award, for Best Jazz Album of the Year. In addition to Jones, Stuart has played and recorded with Jimmy McGriff, Sadik Hakim, HYPERLINK "http://www.mp3.com/Drew-Gress/artists/65157/summary.html" Drew Gres, Junior Mance, Kenny Garrett, Kenny Wheeler, and Sam Rivers.

Rich Brown

Bassist Rich Brown has been an active member in Toronto's culturally diverse music scene since 1992. He taught himself to play bass at the age of 17 by listening to artists such as Jaco Pastorius, Victor Bailey, Jimmy Haslip, and Alain Caron. Later, he expanded his vocabulary by drawing on influences outside the bass realm. In a recent interview Brown explains, "I wanted to sing like Stevie, play like Miles, and phrase like Scofield and do it all on this instrument." Rich is currently one of the most in demand musicians in Toronto. He has performed with jazz vocalist Carol Welsman, former Ani diFranco drummer Andy Stochansky, Glenn Lewis, and Andy Narrell to name a few. He has appeared in the television series "Soul Food" as well as on over 30 recordings ranging from Jazz and Latin to traditional Asian and Arabic music. Rich has also played Pepper Jack's twice with the amazing Autorickshaw.

Robi Botos

Born in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary in 1978, Robert moved to Toronto in 1998. Since that time, Botos has been featured with many of Canada's foremost jazz artists including: Pat Labarbera (Elvin Jones), Dave Young (Oscar Peterson), Don Thompson (George Shearing), Terry Clark (Jim Hall), Norman Marshall Villeneuve (Duke Ellington), Archie Alleyne (Billie Holiday) and Bob Mover (Chet Baker). He released a self titled album, "The Botos Brothers", with brothers Frank (drums) and Louis (bass, vocal), with all original compositions. As a sideman, he can be found on numerous CDs with Toronto jazz musicians.

In July 2004, he won First prize and the Public prize at the international Montreux Jazz Festival jazz solo piano competition, sponsored by TIME magazine. Robi also won the National jazz award for jazz piano earlier this year. He will also be performing in many parts of Europe in the near future.

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Vernon Reid of Living Colour and Guitar Hero??

WTF is up with the Guitar Hero reference. Or is that a band that I'm not aware of.

like it or not, a lot of folks are learning about new styles of music from Guitar Hero. Eric Johnson certainly springs to mind, as sales of "A Via Musicom" have increased quite a bit since "Cliffs of Dover" was in GH3.

Makes sense to advertise that way, i guess, though it does sound sorta stupid.

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