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Neil Young/Wilco Setlists

boiler rat

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Here's the set list from last nights show in Halifax. I don't think Neil varies his setlist a whole lot when on tour so this should give a pretty good idea for what's in store this week.

11-29-2008, Metro Centre, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Neil Young & His Electric Band

1. Love And Only Love

2. Hey Hey, My My

3. Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere

4. Powderfinger

5. Spirit Road

6. Cortez The Killer

7. Cinnamon Girl

8. Oh, Lonesome Me

9. Mother Earth

10. The Needle And The Damage Done

11. Unknown Legend

12. Heart Of Gold

13. Old Man

14. Get Back To The Country

15. Just Singing A Song

16. Sea Change

17. When Worlds Collide

18. Cowgirl In The Sand

19. Rockin' In The Free World


20. A Day In The Life

Neil Young - guitar, harmonica, pump organ, vocals

Ben Keith - pedal steel, lap steel, guitar, organ, background vocals

Rick Rosas - bass

Chad Cromwell - drums

Pegi Young - background vocals, vibraphone, piano, guitar

Anthony Crawford - background vocals, piano, guitar, bells

Larry Cragg - banjo

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Guest Low Roller

It was awesome, but it just kept going and going and going and every time you thought it was over it kept going... it was like Return of the King.

I was kinda pissed at the show because he could have easily thrown in another song rather than go for the 8 minute feedback jam.

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This show was indeed a dream pairing for me and and incredible show all around. I think my favorite Neil moments were Oh, Lonesome Me and Unknown Legend.

I was just as excited for Wilco though! Even though we had horrible seats they sounded great. Tweedy lost some of the words to California Stars but said it was because he was so excited to play for us, hehe. They were great, but nothing will beat seeing them in a small theatre like we did last time they were through these parts.

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Everest was actually really good at the Calgary show. It made it worth getting there a little early to get a good spot on the floor. Thank god the eastern tour will not have to suffer through Death Cab for Cutie. The setlist is pretty much the same as the western leg of the tour and it ROCKS! Friends went to 7 shows out west saying that it got better every night. It's gonna be a great show, Day in the Life closer....WOW!

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Guest Low Roller

Everest was the opening band at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent last July. They did a really good job. I seem to remember that they had this whole Coldplay buzz to them.

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Everest was the opening band at the Hop Farm Festival in Kent last July. They did a really good job. I seem to remember that they had this whole Coldplay buzz to them.

And that's a good thing? Coldplay sucks. We've got a babysitter that we're paying, and can't get home to late for that reason as well (not cause we'd have to pay more, but because she's in high school).

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Comprised of five singer/songwriters, the members of Los Angeles indie alt-country band Everest boast some impressive pedigrees, having played with Earlimart, Sebadoh, the Folk Implosion, Slydell, Mike Stinson, Great Northern, Alaska!, John Vanderslice, and the Watson Twins. Sharing a mutual admiration for each other's respective track records, the five were drawn together by a common desire to make classic-sounding pop songs in the style of earthy bands like Wilco and Calexico. Russell Pollard, Jason Soda, Joel Graves, Rob Douglas, and Derek Brown first assembled in 2007, and connected quickly. Graves was especially excited about the instant chemistry, remarking in interviews, "I'm getting to play with my favorite singer, my favorite bass player, my favorite guitar player, and my favorite drummer. It's the band I've always wanted to be in." In August 2007, they entered New Monkey studio with Foo Fighters producer Mike Terry to capture a light set of acoustic-based songs on vintage equipment. After only two weeks of recording, a week of mixing, and an afternoon of mastering, their debut album, Ghost Notes, was finished, and they started shopping it around. Neil Young's Vapor Records label, home of Tegan and Sara and Jonathan Richman, seemed a logical choice, and after signing there, the group made plans to tour in promotion of Ghost Notes, which was scheduled for release in May of 2008.
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is your babysitter in the band or something? what's the connection?

the connection is that I don't want to have to be paying for a babsitter while I'm watching a band that sucks. And another band on the bill means a later night, and I need to be home at a reasonable hour because the babysitter has school the next day.

now, based on the above posts everlast may not suck, but still, Wilco and Neil are more than enough for me.

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