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Recommend any Restaurants/Pubs near ACC?

Wassink Wild Card!

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C'est What is great, but there's lots of pubs near C'est What you could go to also. Anything nearer the ACC falls into the dreaded chain/tourist trap kinda place. You could also go to the Irish Embassy on Yonge & Wellington (and P.J. O'Brien's is good too): http://www.irishembassypub.com/

There's also the Beer Bistro: http://www.beerbistro.com/

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Well, LOTS of choices. Depends what type of food and what direction you are coming from.

Harbour Sports Grill is decent. C'est What isn't too far, which is where we will be before the FRI show.

Is the Harbour Sports Grill the one that is kiddy corner from the parking lot beside the ship? The one by the plaza with that sculpture outside of it? If so, that was where we were thinking of stopping beforehand. Nothing too, too special about it, but for out-of-towners it makes for very convenient parking, quick and dirty eats/drinking, and a nice little stroll to the ACC that is the perfect distance for blowing off some steam if you know what I mean...

I was trying to remember the name of that place, but Water St. Grille was the only thing that was coming to mind...

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