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Crazy Canadian Coalitions

Irie Guy

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K, feeling a little naive here. I am much more aware of what is happening South of the border sometimes. Can this proposed coalition actually accomplish anything??

I'm really not sure what this means moving forward. Dion will be in charge until the Libs vote in May. He won't be a PM though will he. Whose a Poli Sci major that can fill me in on the nitty gritty.

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harper figured people loved him, so he called an early election. turned out only a few people loved him. but his friends convinced him to act like everyone loved him. he did. other people, who dont love him said, "hey man, not everybody loves you and we dont think you know what you are doing". harper said, "what?" then the other people got together and said more people love us than you so we are gonna take over. harper said, "what?"

and yes, I do in fact have a graduate degree in polisci. :P

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