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it still kills me that Lagavulin was $54 just a few short years ago and now it's $100

Also i read recently that a scotch distributor is pulling out of Canada coz the asian market is more lucrative. Maybe DaveO sent me that linnk... actually here it is:


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I assume when the Scotch age on the bottle is the amount of time it spent in the barrell....while shelf life doesn't mean a thing?

Correct. Unlike wine, spirits (whiskies, brandies, etc.; stuff that's been through a still) stop aging when they're bottled. (I sometimes wonder if leaving a half-empty bottle of Scotch on the shelf, even when sealed properly, might result in the taste getting degraded due to oxidation from the half-bottle of air on top of it, but that's not the same kind of change you get from the usual way whisky is aged.)



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