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It's a weird day at work today...(Ted Rogers Died).


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Whatever your opinion of the Rogers Empire is, there is no denying that Ted Rogers was a true visionary, and an amazing Canadian success story.


I watched a "Biography" type show about him a few years ago (before I started working here) and it was fascinating...his vision really was impressive.

Along those lines, as I was telling Basher recently, about a year or 18 months ago, Ted predicted the recession we're currently entering and secured something like 60 billion "just in case" dollars to ensure the company's continued success. Crystal ball, Ted?

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Ive known Ted and his family since I was a little boy - neighbours at the cottage. Personally, he was a very kind and generous man. Professionally, I later came to learn, he was merciless.

In hindsight, it's mindblowing to comprehend how calm he could have been at the dinner table when he was saddled with close to a billion dollars in corporate debt. Very impressive man indeed.

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