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Who's To Blame?!?!


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Okay, so we all know what Avery has done and now he's been indefinitely been suspended...

But now the media, CBC, TSN, ESPN, CTV, etc keep on playing his "comment in bad taste" over and over...why? To grab attention for their networks!!!

So who's disrespecting Elisha now?!?!

CHEEE-RRRRIST ALMIGHTY, if it ain't a scandal it ain't worth talking about or so they would have us believe...

Sorry if this has been posted already ;)

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No, I'm not trying to start a "love-in", still kinda gagging on that thought, but yes Ron is seeing things from a realistic point of view and I'm sure Grapes wants to thump him in the locker room...

Avery made a very disrespectful comment but now the media is using it to pull viewers, listeners, readers to "boost" their ratings by playing the clip over and over...

For something to be "news worthy" it has to be a scandal...

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The media exploits anything that will grab attention, but the media didn't create Avery... he's a prick, and that's why he is what he is...

I hope the initial suspension is 5 games, and then his contract terminated by Dallas due to the "morality clause"... Avery may be spending Christmas in Russia, he belongs in a bush league.

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