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Anyone want to snowboard tonight?


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I had the craving today to get out and ski brah. Are you one of those snowboarders that sits on their ass on the SKI hill and fucks everything up for everyone else?

Those people really and truly boggle my mind. It is hands down the stupidest thing I see people regularly do. Especially the ones that do it on the easier hills, like don't they realise that it's beginners without much avoidance skills careening towards them?

And Schwa, if I was anywhere nearby I'd be there tonight.

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Chicopee is a terrible hill but i'm jonesin' like mad to get out. I know what you're talking about now but i usually give them a very wide berth...but if they just crashed you have to have some sympathy for them...gotta get better somehow....now if they're just sitting for no reason, snow them while laughing.

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