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The Trews at Glenn Gould Studio

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That was well worth the drive! Nice to see & hear the different instruments. John Angus is just as much of a performer sitting on a stool as he is jumping off the drum kit. I thought for sure he was going to bust his guitar strings a number of times.

I did a "Heisholt!" shout-out at an opportune quiet moment as 'ersh was joining them for a song. I had no idea how loud it was actually going to be. Booche's Sista laughed at me, almost as loud as I shouted.







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Awesome, awesome shows! Can't wait for the 21st when they're back in Kingston.

It was great to hear the unreleased songs...I wish I had taken a video of Sing Your Heart Out. Great song, but I can only remember that one line and the fam is already sick of hearing me sing 4 words over and over! Loved hearing Montebello Park and the Travelin' Kind. My two favourite songs that I have never heard at an electric show...obvious now that they are meant to be heard acoustically.

Definitely worth going over the entertainment budget this month!

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