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Friday, February 6th - Bob Marley Tribute in Collingwood

Jay Funk Dawg

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Bob Marley Birthday Bash with HOUSE OF DAVID GANG

One Love

Jd's Bar and Grill

Friday, February 6, 2009 at 10:00pm

JD;s Bar and Grill

94 Pine Street

Collingwood, ON

"Bob Marley was a hero figure, in the classic mythological sense. His departure from this planet came at a point when his vision of One World, One Love -- inspired by his belief in Rastafari -- was beginning to be heard and felt. The last Bob Marley and the Wailers tour in 1980 attracted the largest audiences at that time for any musical act in Europe.

Bob's story is that of an archetype, which is why it continues to have such a powerful and ever-growing resonance: it embodies political repression, metaphysical and artistic insights, gangland warfare and various periods of mystical wilderness. And his audience continues to widen: to westerners Bob's apocalyptic truths prove inspirational and life-changing; in the Third World his impact goes much further"

From www.bobmarley.com

Born February 6, 1945.

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#/event.php?eid=127054745376&ref=ts



One of Canada's rising concert promotion stars, Toronto-based www.NuFunk.ca, is proud to announce the dates for its Bob Marley Birthday Tribute Canadian Tour – honouring the life of the immortal reggae legend who would have been 64 years of age on February 6. From its origins as a single Toronto club date, this fourth edition has become a 7-night celebration stretching from Collingwood on the shores of Georgian Bay to Glace Bay in Cape Breton Island.

"This tour is shaping up as something truly special," says tour promoter Jay Cleary, artistic director of NuFunk.ca. "Not only has it grown in terms of the number shows for the fourth straight year, but we're connecting with food banks in communities around the country in order to help people in need. To me, that represents the true spirit and legacy of Bob Marley, giving of ourselves so that others may find inspiration and prosper."

The tour will be headlined by one of Canada's top roots reggae collectives House of David Gang. Formed in Toronto over 15 years ago, the band's specialty is the timeless and classic Jamaican reggae of the 1970s and early 80s, the sound that made Bob Marley the first international superstar of reggae music. Fronted by seasoned reggae veteran King Selah, the band includes members of a who's who of the Toronto reggae scene: Resinators, Irie Band, Explorer Band, Revelation, Selassie I Power and many others. For the past 15 years King Selah and the House of David Gang have hosted Toronto tributes to Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, which have helped bring light to the city's burgeoning reggae community. Joining core members Jah-Lin (drums) and The High Plains Drifter (guitar) for this tour will be two exciting new additions who promise to push the House of David sound to new heights -- James Gray (formerly of Blue Rodeo) on keyboards and bass thumper Chis Bottomley (Tulpa, The Look People, Brainfudge, Donne Roberts). Opening on the tour is High Plains Drifter, a rootsy funk-rock and world beat ensemble whose dynamic live performances are captivating audiences across Canada. Like a traveling vagabond, this pan-Canadian collective of musicians traveling town to town, bringing the energy of celebration to audiences everywhere.

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