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wedding band ALBERTA?


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hey all,

well for those who do not know, (im assuming this is everybody) i got engaged! this was a few months back, and now the wedding plans are a comin. i'm getting hitched in canmore this august and well we are looking for a really good/danceable band.

ANY ideas would be appreciated.

ask caution jam. they are doing my friends wedding in ottawa in july. http://www.geocities.com/cautionjam/Web2.html

not sure of prices or any of that stuff. not sure if everyone who is not into this style of music would be into them though. :)

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If you could get either Moses Mayes or reband Recipe from a Small Planet you'd be set up nicely.

If you're going for a wedding band...hmm...like a real wedding band?

I've never liked those. hiring competitively priced wedding services can pale in comparison to talented peers or their contacts.

How much does a wedding band charge for a night of entertainment? $4000 incl. sound rentals?

this website might help:


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There's a band in Banff that plays a lot of corperate gigs that would probably be suitable and fun. My wife's step sister had them play at her wedding in their backyard in Canmore and apparentely it was great. Their called "The Cronic" (or it's members of a band called "The Cronic").

If you're interested, I can find their number.

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