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Is it just me or is Ottawa bumpin' lately?


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Sooo many good shows coming. I don't even want to start listing because I won't stop but...yeah.

Everything for everyone. Like just saw Basia Bulat, Sam Roberts came to town. Then Bruce P is coming tomorrow, Ruby Coast Winter Gloves, Forest City Lovers, then you got CBC doing that Monday thing at Zaphods, Jill Babrber hitting up Black Sheep. Even talking about Black Sheep alone opens up so many more names. Buck 65 at Black Sheep..like whoa. Kathleen Edwards at Bronson. Peter Bjorn and John, HOLY FUCK, BLACK MOUNTAIN.

and many many more...

Is anyone feeling this time? Wish I wasn't in school haha.

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it just started last night, and last night was free, but not sure about future nights. hopefully free though.

From the Jan. 26 entry in the "News" category at


New Night: Tuesday is BOOZEDAY! Drink alone TOGETHER

We want to let you know we are opening every Tuesday starting February 3rd; opening night Ukrania. This is a free show and the no cover vibe happens every week. So get out of your house and come hang with all the good people. Refreshing, ecclectic tunes provided by Male Nurse and Gwen.

The Feb. 10 entry in the "Entertainment" category at their website says

Every Tuesday Its BOOZEDAY!Drink alone TOGETHER

w/ DJ Male Nurse

no cover!



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