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Best Mobile Phone service provider these days?


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Hey all,

I've just moved back to Canada and was wondering if prices for cell phone services have made any strides in the past 6 months. I recall the government "opening up the market" around 6-8 months ago and a handful of companies made successful bids to begin operations in Canada. I might add that I've never been to any other country where its so expensive to use a cell phone like it is here!

I need a phone, and I'm very close to broke. What's the best deal out there for me? There must be something out there by now other than Rogers, Bell and Telus.

Thanks for the tips!

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i have a PC phone. i rarely use it, so all it cost me was $100 to buy the phone and 10c/min use (all Can and US). its one of those bullshit things where you have to buy cards and charge your account, or if you are lazy like me just do it thru a CC, which would automatically charge you $25 for two months (use it or lose it). so, i basically pay $12.50/month and get 125 min/mnth. not worth it if you use it a lot, but its dirt cheap if you dont.

forgot to mention, they dont charge a network fee or any of that stuff. only charge is for actual use, but balances cannot be carried over.

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ive been with Koodo for a few months now, since sept. or so, and i love it. mind you, for my work, sometimes im calling back to the shop in burlington from kitchener, past toronto, etc, so i use a fair bit of long distance, what sold me on the koodo was that theres no charge for LD mins. its the same as a normal minute. i think its 25cents. for 50$ a month, i get 300mins between 7am-7pm, ive never gone over, and its free weeknds, free 7pm to 7am, free txt and data transfers, got a decent camera w/zoom. another sweet touch of these koodo goofs is the koodo tab. when i got my phone, i thnk it was like 100 bucks, but they just put it on your tab, and every month, they take 5% of your bill, and take it off your tab. so in 2 r 3 yrs, ive got a free phone.

not sure if its the right deal for you, but maybe check out the website i think its koodomobile.com

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I went with Koodo. Here's what I get:

5pm-8am unlimited local calls during the week

unlimited local calls all weekend

100 minutes local calls mon-fri 8am-5pm

unlimited text/picture messaging (international)

"LD Saver" add-on.. 5 cents/min LD in Canada I think

call display

$40/month all in all.

And I got a refurbished Motorolla KRZR phone for $75, doing that TAB thing to pay it off.

Not bad.. We'll see how it goes! Nothing can be worse than Rogers. They were raping me for up to $100/month last year!

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