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Lot lingo for the old timers...


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I remember my first time at a GRATEFUL Dead show in California - 89, Cal Expo. people kept offering me conindica. I kept looking for some "weed." A little while later I realized that I was being offered Kind Buds and Kind Indica and kept passing it up.

Then at a THE Dead show at Vernon Downs a few years ago, we kept being offered "headies." which we finally figured out was what we were looking for. the term had replaced "kind buds." we felt real old.

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this is my favourite

Molly- code word for a mind altering substance that makes you want to fuck everything and lie to yourself and anyone within earshot of you for a few hours about everything being perfect and nice. It’s not- so shut the fuck up already. Often heard in succession with other words.

“Molly, rolls, doses, headdies, chocolates, goo balls, vaginas.â€

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