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They Cured HIV...maybe.


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It's one thing to make a joke about someone having AIDS, but it's another to make a joke that's nothing more than a reference about someone that has AIDS.

People have made fun of a lot of things, and to make issue out of it, though seemingly justified, does nothing to fix anything. Maybe It's the kind of violence on par with slapstick comedy - since NW isn't seriously berating Mr. Alomar, and so many testicles weren't seriously injured in those slapstick routines.

Quick, empty Culture/celebrity reference jokes aren't pathetic because they're unfair. They're pathetic because all they are is timing and knowledge.

Doesn't seem to me that NW was making fun of the AIDS, since the memory of the soundbyte was the funny part of the thing.

[color:purple]I thought the best medecine was a fistful of pills, M.O.B.E. - Isn't that our only hope these days anyway?

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