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Plane crashes into Buffalo neighbourhood...


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one of those dead was a widow of a 9/11 victim that just met with the president and didn't take any 'hush money'

...or so I've read all over on the internet.

She was supposedly in the process of suing the Government.

Well, there was a Canadian on board that plane too, so maybe the US Gov't was trying to get back at Canada for the plane that went down in the Hudson, after all it was taken down by Canadian geese.

I don't think I need to purple font that for anyone, since both comments are utterly ridiculous.

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of course.

but it's still fun to see who gets surly about it.

I'd be getting back at Canada for the geese that shit on my lawn...filthy birds.

Not getting surly at all. Although I don't see the point to use a topic like this to have your fun seeing who gets "surly" or whatnot over a stupid comment. Seems to me there are numerous other threads you could easily and more effectively accomplish that in. But hey, whatever gets you off I guess.

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