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Shainhouse! Or, curious folks.

mister slippery

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you were saying you were in town in early June for Allys Journey, I believe.

How long are you staying? Possibly till the 14th?



w/ guests Marduk, Cattle Decapitation, and Cephalic Carnage.

June 14, 2009

The Opera House


for those not familiar with Mayhem, or for anyone who's ever been in a band and thought about killing a fellow band member.......


(The bio is a pretty great read :) )

Check em out if you want, but it's not easy to listen to, unless yer a freakin' loon.

Anyway, all the best.

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mayhem is freakin' hilarious in the sam dunn documentary "heavy metal: a headbanger's journey". they are SO wasted. VERY funny interview with them.

they ARE the band who's (singer? guitar player?) blew his own brains out and they wore pieces of his skull as jewelry for a while , right? morbid but hilarious!

GREAT documentary by the way. the second one ("global metal") was not as good but still pretty cool. documents the metal scene in places like saudi arabia,iran etc. ("i was arrested by the religious police for having long hair and wearing a slayer t-shirt") definitely worth a look if you're into metal.

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I love Sam's work, those are both great films. And yes, Mayhem's scene in the first one is priceless. Prob 3rd funniest for me behind Dio ripping on Gene Simmons and Gaahl from Gorgoroth talking about Satan.

couple other great metal films out recently...

-Heavy Metal in Baghdad, about the band Accrasiauda, and how tough it is to play metal in the Middle East.

-Get Thrashed, the story of Thrash Metal. Great early footage, really good interviews, and a good amount of Slayer.

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