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YMSB cancel tour ... punches thrown?

Kanada Kev

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YMSB announced today that they were cancelling their tour:

February Cabin Fever Tour Postponed

We are truly sorry to report that Yonder has decided to postpone the rest of the February Cabin Fever Tour and apologize for any inconvenience and disappointment that this causes to all of the fans. The fans are at the core of our success and we sincerely appreciate your continued dedication and support through this time and always. Due to some unfortunate circumstances surrounding the band, Yonder is unable to continue the rest of the tour. We will keep you posted with information regarding the re-scheduling of these dates. -Yonder

I read on another list that the cause could be this:

> the first set of cancellations was due to jeff...

from what i've heard, this latest one has to do with adam's dad being sick...

and then i just read this post!:

According to folks who witnessed it, a fight broke out among band members after the Tabernacle show. A literal, physical fight - punches thrown.

Hope the YMSB boys can figure this one out and mend fences.

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guess it's all just rumours floating about. Here are some more that say there wasn't a punch-up:

Adam's wife had to have surgery and that is why he was initially not at a few shows. Apparently there were complications with her surgery and he was not going to leave her to go back on tour (understandable). I'm guessing at some point Jeff's throat did hurt and that is also why they cancelled last week.

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