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Anyone need a (free, unused) cell phone?


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So, when a cell company launches a new device, they often send samples of the new product(s) to various bigwigs at my company (in hopes that they will love it and promote the fuck out of it)...the only difference between these "launch" versions of the new devices and the ones sold in the stores is that these come in stupid fancy boxes, rather than regular boxes.

Anyway, my boss was cleaning her office on Friday and came across 3 of these boxes and told me, "Do whatever you want with them...sell 'em on the street corner, I don't care.."

These are obviously not the newest models of phones, but, if anyone needs a free phone, I have these 3 (never used) devices available:

Samsung Jack

Sony Ericcson K850i "Cybershot" (this is a great phone..I used one for a long time..takes great pics..)

Sony Ericcson W580 "Walkman"

PM me if interested.

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