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Ben folds put on a great show last night, a great mix if new and old...highlight for me was the army imporv tune, he was mid story and just said or I could just make up a song about the army and it was great..he also did this vocal thing at the end of the show using the crowd as his choir that was really cool....

1. The Bitch Went Nutz (reprise)

2. Effington

3. Brainwascht

4. You Don't Know Me

5. Annie Waits

6. Alice Childress

7. Army (improv)

8. Way to Normal

9. Cologne

10. Zak and Sara

11. Landed

12. Lovesick Diagnostician

13. Dr. Yang

14. Hiroshima

15. Fred Jones pt. 2 (solo)

16. Lullabye (solo)

17. Emaline (solo)

18. Kylie from Connecticut

19. Free Coffee

20. Tom and Mary

21. Don't Stop Believin (cover/improv)

2. Army

23. Kate

24. Not The Same

25. Encore:

25. Fair

26. Philosophy

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Amazing the band knows Alice Childress and not Battle of Who Could Care Less or Brick. Though I remember an interview from eleven years ago where Ben said that he hated playing Brick live and never wanted to play it again.

Amazing I can remember an excerpt from a Ben Folds interview from eleven years ago but still space on my postal code!

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