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Kevin Breit clinic @ Carleton University (Feb.25)


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(perhaps someone can add this to the Calendar)

From Jesse Stewart, Carleton University Music professor & percussionist - Jesse_Stewart@carleton.ca

On Wednesday Feb. 25, my good friend guitarist Kevin Breit will be in town doing a clinic and a performance with me in Studio A in the Loeb Building (9th floor, A Tower). I'm still working out the details on this one, but it looks like things will get underway at 7:30 pm and tickets will be $15. Kevin and I have a new duo record that just came out last week on the C3R label titled "Collisions".

Kevin's list of performing/recording credentials is staggering--it ranges from work with Bill Frisell to Norah Jones, from Holly Cole to Cassandra Wilson, from kd lang to the Guess Who. In my estimation (and that of many others) he is one of the finest guitarists in Canada, if not the planet. Seriously.

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Do I book off work for this? Hmmm...

Aren't you a teacher? Make it a class field trip.

Aloha' date='


that's so crazy it just might work

I'll bet Velvet could also get an educational discount for him and his student(s). It's also part performance, part clinic, so it'd be entertaining and educational.



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Also of note on Mar 12 is that the above listed Jesse Stewart is doing a live improv show with a duo from Austria called "Die Strottern" at the Arts Court (2 Daly Ave) in Ottawa. This is $7 for 25 and under, and $12 for all others.

This is an event not to be missed by jazz, classical, folk and roots fans.........

Another fine event hosted by the Ottawa Folk Festival.

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Jesse's been running a noon hour concert series at noon on Fridays in the Music department (A900 Loeb). Pay what ya can... Much of the series has been adjunct faculty (I'm playing next week - will post info) - Jesse's played several times. Great player, great guy...

I've heard Jesse's duo CD w/ Kevin, "Collisions". It's terrific - a really compelling live set recorded at the Guelph Jazz Festival. I'll add a link when I have one...

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Kevin and I have a new duo record that just came out last week on the C3R label titled "Collisions".


Collisions often yield unexpected results.

Consider, for example, the photograph on the front cover of this recording which reveals particle tracks resulting from the collision of subatomic particles (known as pions) with the nucleus of a hydrogen atom inside a bubble chamber.

The music on this recording is also the result of several collisions. It actually began with a car collision.

Jesse Stewart, the percussionist on this recording, was scheduled to play at the 2007 Guelph Jazz Festival with pianist Michael Snow, but Michael was forced to cancel after he was involved in a serious car accident on the Trans-Canada Highway just a few days prior to the performance. Rather than cancel the performance, Jesse asked guitar wizard Kevin Breit if he could sub in for Michael. The resulting collision of musical sounds, styles, and sensibilities is documented on this live recording.


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I hope one of my workmates ended up going. He was interested in taking his kid. I wanted to go, but I realized that I had a bit of homework to do. Then after I finished my homework, I forgot all about it. damn. I really shouldn't have to do homework at this age. It's kinda tough to get a dog to eat a computer.

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