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Obama's visit today


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Capitalising on the relationship is fine but I find him disingenuous. He has no "real" relationship with Mr.Obama, but he wants to keep Canada in the American spotlight and has jumped on the opportunity, good for him I suppose. However his denial of the same kinds of interviews and discussions on Canadian television or in other media is two-faced, imo. Not too mention the Lego-man impression of Canadians it leaves on American eyes ;)

Michelle Jean hasn't jumped on the opportunity to increase her public profile and I suppose she has less to gain from that, but again it makes Harper seem that much more "opportunistic" in a bad way, ya'know? :(

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Which PMs have had 'real' relationships with American Presidents?

They meet, they get along, they enjoy visits.

Any buddies pre-term?

Maybe he's not photogenic, but Stephen Harper doesn't really seem to be as cool as any other world leader.

Is it just spin or is he as much of a bore as he comes across on TV and on the radio?

He definitely lacks charisma from my point of view.

I still cringe to believe that he's really our leader.

Maybe a nice guy trying to do what he thinks is right, playing on Canada's craving for prudence, but the leader of one of the most powerful world nations?


Though from this outside perspective it's easy to presume that we could get far more accomplished for Canada, its citizens, and the world - I hope his plans work out as long as he's in office.

To be fair, he does like kitties. I bet he's a big softie. I hope he's at least a really really nice guy aside from his politics.


holy fack. i think he even holds his hands like that.

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