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Lisa Lampanelli


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I recorded her HBO special but couldn't make it through 15 minutes. It was horrible. All she did was insult people based on their race. a) It wasn't anything I haven't heard before and B) how can you be an accomplished comedian in this day and age just blurting out racial slurs?

That type of comedy must appeal to people, but not me. I was offended and unimpressed.

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I got past the racial slurs, though it was frustrating to have to.

Her humour isn't making fun pf people based on their race, it seemed to me to be making fun of not only the slurs and stereotypes themselves but our reactions and sensitivities surrounding them.

Too bad she didn't do it in a more clever way. If it wasn't a waste of time for the playing on our society's racism ot was a waste of time because she wasn't really all that funny about it.

Loads of potential with that approach to humour. few people can actualize it.

I'm kind of glad that it rarely happens.

It'd be amazing if an Italian American wwould ever be able to pull it off, cause that goomba sure couldn't.

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