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For food try Uno's or Giordano's for authentic deep dish pizza. Portillo's for authentic Italian Beef. Wrigleyville area is pretty alright for pubs and grub.

Check out the Hopleaf Bar http://www.hopleaf.com/home.html for an pretty extensive list of beers from everywhere.

Places that used to have good live music: Double Door, Shubba's. Not sure if they're around still but I think they are..

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good live music at Kingston Mines... slightly touristy, but a ton of fun.

the 'Michigan Mile' along Michigan Ave is cool (south of the river lots of tall buildings, and the waterfront park along the lakeshore; north of the river expensive shopping and designer duds - think bloor st).

the circular parking garage is called Marina City... it's an entire complex. the steak house at the bottom is good, but waaaay overpriced (Smith & Wollensky's). shoulda put some more 'a's' in there... waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay overpriced. :) HOB is next door.

you will have a ton of fun just walking around looking straight up at the architecture. its a very tall city!

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