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Amsterdam hotels and must-see attractions:


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I will post some stuff later, not too much time at the moment. The one thing I do suggest is WALK every where you go, its really not far to anything and while your walking there is a ton of things that you will want to see or pop up out of nowhere. Get prepared to be stopped at every corner by people asking if you want any coca or extasy, and I literly mean every corner.

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Are you going to jam in the 'Dam?

I was there for only 3 days about 9 years ago. In retrospect, I spent too much time in coffeeshops having out-of-body experiences, and not enough time checking out the attractions.

I recommend the canal boat tour, and these museums:


Van Gogh museum

Of course the red light district at night is always entertaining.

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GOLLUM !!! That place is a great bar for kickass beers. We stumbled upon it and ended up in there for HOURS. We met some super cool Dutch crew there who wanted to get us to try all the funky beers there. We ended up having all these amazing beers made by monks. Each one was completely unique and had to be served in very specific glasses. Great times.

We ended up drinking the Dutch, an American and a Scot under the table that afternoon. :D

As for a place to stay, we totally had a great experience with these guys:


Great service and help with anything you need. We had a larger party, so we had a bigger place and it rocked http://amsterdamescape.com/amsterdamcoke.html

Right across the canal from there was my favourite coffee shop. Run by a couple of really cool guys. Great tunes. Very clean and relaxed. Not one of the dingy places. They make the best fresh fruit smoothies too (perfect once you've sampled their 'coffee' )



One of the nicest places to hang out during the day (if the weather is nice) is Vondelpark http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vondelpark

As somebody mentioned before, just WALK everywhere. Don't waste your time waiting in line for a couple of free mini cups of beer at the defunct Heineken Brewery. You'd be better off going to Gollum ;)

The Red Light district totally gets busier on the weekend. That's when the UK arrives :D

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