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Spades opening for the Trews in Kingston tonight


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Great gig tonight.

Fantastic rock and roll from both bands, I couldnt be more proud of them. Each have their own interpretation of music and employ differing abilities to engage an audience but both did what they had to do. I got it as everyone else because we all saw fist pumping material.

The first band was fuckingterrible. The Last Supper? Good lord, avoid them at all cost. Apparently they just shot a video in South America for one of their tunes we heard tonight. Whoever finaced that is a moron. Blue Grassie High's harmonies sound like the Beatles compared to that shit and I am not kidding. This shit was making my eyes bleed because my ears couldnt take much more.

The Spades saved the day with their set and kept me praying they would play longer with each passing number. Eleanor Rigby? Killer. Again. Goddamn those boys know how to cover that one.

The bar at this point was very uncomfortable for me because it was shoulder to shoulder packed almost everywhere. If you have been to AJ's/Alehouse on a Boxing Day you know what I mean. Luckily the Trews have a unique vibe in that people would rather hang out instead of causing some stupid disturbance. It's the best kind of rock'n'roll in that respect. Speaking of which, their encore SMOKED!

Gord Sinclair of the Tragically Hip played bass on Bob Caygeon and The Shape I'm In. He left and the show ended with It's A Long Way To The Top If You Want To Rock And Roll.

'ersh is doing great folks and has never looked better. I wanted to bed him tonight. I'm rather drunk and got very high earlier from some seriously long dreadie dude. Incredibleweed.

Holyfuck. I'm gay.

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pretty much what Booche said....

it's been a long while since I've seen the Trews. Absolutely no question that 'ersh raises the proceedings a notch or two. Well done, Jeff.

Sorry I didn't say hello Booche. I thought it was you, but then convinced myself otherwise. Guess I just didn't expect to see you in Kingston.

Good time for sure.

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