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PhishThoughts.com present Hampton without Spoilers


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Pretty interesting for all the Phish geeks out there.

From http://phishthoughts.com/nospoilers/:

“No Spoilers†Hampton Downloads

“No Spoilers†is a project to offer decent quality MP3 downloads of each Hampton show as soon as possible. Only two generic files will be posted - Set1 & Set2+E - and they will be hosted on a safe “spoiler free†page.

If you are patient enough to stay off the grid, this will be the next best thing to being at Hampton. You will experience the show in tape delay, but also in mystery, without knowing what magical journeys Phish decided to bust out. You can have a legitimate Phish party if you have enough like-minded friends! You can warm up with the Clifford Ball DVDs which will have just been released while you’re wait.

FAQ on the site.

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I'm pretty shocked that they're leaving all that money on the table when they could be doing iClips. The Panic NYE and Halloween quality was all there.

Maybe they're worried that if they streamed it they'd have to rehearse first...

From what the link and Basher wrote, it's delayed audio, not video. And it's not being done by Phish, it's being done by phans.

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