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UFC Sucks!!

Hal Johnson

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Now that I've got your attention, here's why:

Im watching the fights Saturday night at a buddy's house, and I start to notice a trend...or maybe I was just so crunked out that I thought I had noticed a trend...either way, would the whole thing not be more exciting and or interesting if they had a different scoring sysytem?

Here's what I propose:

1. The fight doesn't end after a tap out, but both fighters get sent to their own corners. Fighter that caused the tap-out gets a certain amount of points.

2. The fight doesn't end after a near KO. Fallen fighter gets a count like in boxing, loses if knocked out 3 times or whathaveyou.

And that's it, really. Just noticed some guys would wail on the others until the guy getting beat on would wait for his opening and put the other guy in an arm bar and the fight would end. Maybe they need a best 2 of three or something.

I am aware of how unhip this post makes me.

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I kinda like the 1st idea for longer bouts, however it takes away the idea that jiu-jitsu is actually a death sport... arm bars and choke holds are for killing and a tap out is for survival so ultimately if you tap, you live, but the other guy totally got you so you shouldn't realy have a chance to win the fight.

The 2nd rule leaves the possibility of actual dead guys though... plenty of dudes can get knocked the fuck out and stand back up and go at it... if anyone knocks me out I generally wake up in a terrible mood and I kinda feel like finding whoever did it, but in a UFC fight if someone gets knocked out and the ref doesn't jump on it the downed opponent's face is pudding. imho

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