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Forced Musical Hiatus


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Recipe for putting your life (music/skiing/biking) on hold for a year.

This is what the outside of my arm looks like two weeks after falling on some metal flashing and severing my ulner artery and 7 tendons governing the use of my right hand.

Yes, I'm right-handed.

I think I'm fairly lucky to be alive given the blood loss - and, I'm healing up well. But, it's a head-trip thinking about the recovery and the what ifs...


Don't try this at home!

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ouch! So sorry to read about this. Glad you're still around. sheet metal scares the crap out of me.

tell me. i work in the engineering office of a metal fabricator, almost all of my work clothes have zings in them from walking past sheets of steel on skids. Hope you heal fast TF, that looks like a pretty nasty cut.

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hoping for a full recovery.

depending on the blood loss you probably are lucky to be alive!

i remember i was on call for the PICU one night as a residcent and this 4 year old kid came in after severing her brachial artery from falling off a swing...i was so happy that she a) lived, and B) did not lose her arm...but one LONG stressful night for the both of us.

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