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Narco Subs???


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I don't really have time to track down the vitals but there was a big piece in the Post today about hand built fibreglass semi-submersibles that can hold up to seven tonnes and are built in shipyards deep in mangrove swamps. Called 'coffins' or 'tombs' because of early failures they can now disperse heat through the sea to avoid infrared, scuttle the cargo in ten minutes to say nothing of the fact that everyone (something like 60-75 are built a year more than enough to smuggle the entire Columbian cocaine exports) of them is scuttled after each successful mission.

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I'm pretty sure Coca Caina is going to be the biggest global brand forever especially it's boutique brand Fish Scale.

I guess I was pretty fucking impressed/surprised that things have gone way past false compartments and unchecked containers. I mean we're talking about privately manufactured fibreglass subs being produced at up to 70 a year with the express purpose of making one very profitable trip one way.

I found a bad pic of one.


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You must be thinking about being IN the sub and taking it for a whirl.

From that perspective - AWESOME.

From the perspective of clever invention, I'm suprised they haven't been around for decades.

"It boggles my mind that if this is what we know about what the fuÇk don't we know about."

If it's worth knowing about you probably won't get to hear about it. Nikola Tesla comes to mind here. I wish I could turn my car on and run it by tuning in with my radio. He could.

Stuff like THAT - awesome inventions, or clever home made ways to get around 'the man'?

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