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Montreal live music venues?


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Le Divan Orange is usually a cool venue... they got a band called Music for Money that night but i don't know them. Check them out on myspace...

This is the place...


Another cool place is La Casa Del Popolo/Sala Rossa... this is their site...


Let me know if you need more help... you should be able to find something to do... :o)

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March 5th doesn't seem to have a tonne going on (see http://www.stillepost.ca/calendar/montreal/month.php). Lovely Feathers on the 6th at Sala Rossa would be awesome. As for venues, you can always head over to Casa Del Popolo, Divan Orange, Le Cagibi (not always music) and see what they have going on. They're all in teh plateau/mile end area. Barring that head to one of the dozens of killer bars and pubs. Dieu du ciel and Reservoir have great beer, Korova can be fun too. I always enjoy Copacabana as a fallback but it might not be too impressive for a non-local.

Otherwise hit up the restaurant scene which is unmatched elsewehre in terms of price and quality (IMO).

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