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Jambands.ca please enter! i need some work help.

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if any of you know of any small/medium sports and community events happening the GTA and golden horse shoe this spring and summer, can you please post it here....

i'd really apprieciate it.

I am working on an community activation plan at work and just need some initial ideas.

i'm trying to comprise as big a list as possible.

soccer tournaments, community gatherings...

anything that isn't major or "pro" but draws a decent amount of people.

thanks so much.

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Starting in the spring there is a disc golf tournament almost every weekend in Southern Ontario. Typical attendance would be 40ish for a small tournament and 90 for a large tournament, the biggest event in the fall has up to 180 particpants. Some of them go for two days. Not sure if that's too small for you or not.

Here's where all the events get posted:


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This event actually has a Jambands.ca connection, too. Dr.EvilMouse once performed for the crowd at this race, as a duo playing guitar and singing with a conga player. (That gig is available to the Doctor this year, too, by the way; but we wouldn't want to bug him to come all the way to Toronto again. Of course, if he volunteered, we wouldn't say no....) ;)


Details and Registration Here

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