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Fact: Stupid People like Bad Music


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musicthatmakesyoudumb.virgil.g… — A comparison between music preference and average SAT score. This site surveyed college kids from hundreds of universities on what they listen to as well as their SAT scores. Not very scientific, but pretty interesting finds; Beethoven's at the top and rap is towards the bottom.

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And yet my wife is very bright' date=' but likes The Tea Party.[/quote']

And you went through with the wedding?

I find this highly surprising! :)

We still fight about it, but she always says: "Old Tea Party is good."

It's all horrid. We all know this.

Anyway, I have to cut her some slack because she's also a fan of Ryan Adams, Phish, R.L. Burnside, Robert Johnson, Johnny Cash, Lucinda Williams, The Beastie Boys, Radiohead, My Morning Jacket, The White Stripes, The Swell Season, Iron and Wine and many more great acts.

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