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The Almond Brothers


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Beacon Insights from Butch Trucks

The Allman Brothers Band will open their Beacon Theatre next Monday, March 9. These shows will mark the onset of the band's 40th Anniversary celebration and will feature some notable guests who have yet to perform on stage with the ABB (and some who have previously done so). Folks who are unable to attend, will be able to purchase a subscription to Moogis which will be streaming all 15 Beacon shows live and on-demand through 9/30/09. The Moogis site also offers a message board where the site's founder, ABB drummer Butch Trucks, has been posting insight as to what will go down at the Beacon. He has suggested that some of the guests will be musicians who once performed with Duane Allman. However, the list extends further than that as he explains, "There will be guests that did not play with Duane. We are including those that were influenced by him also. We just got a call from three of the best players in the world. They want to come. We said yes and they, apparently not aware of Derek, Warren and Oteil's abilities (after all we are just a rock band) suggested that they could play the trickier parts. I thought that was very funny. I am looking forward to that night. You will see two of the best bass players in the world today going head to head for who knows how long. I hope the Beacon has a plan for putting the roof back on that newly refurbished building. We are gonna blow it off."

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