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CAn someone shed some light on the Patriots-Chiefs trade for me.


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Was it a money drop on behalf of the Pats with Brady coming back? Adding Vrabel, a very solid outside linebacker though aging at 33 with only a second rounder in return.

I'm slightly confused. Seems like a great deal for the Chiefs especially with having the number 3 pick in the first round as well.

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The Pats receivers led the league in yards after catch. Matt is a good QB, and will help KC, but they would have taken the first respectable offer to clear $14.65 mil off the books. He is not worth that kind of money. The only reason he was franchised was to get a solid draft pick.

The Pats are betting on Brady being healthy and if he is it`s a great bet.

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Happy about the Bills finally taking a chance on a new QB!

The question is who will be available when they come around at the draft. New coach has a history with Nassib at Syracuse however this quote is not something i would be looking for in a number one... "Athleticism is not a strength for Nassib. His deep accuracy is mediocre to poor, and it goes on the fritz when he tries to put zip on the ball more than 15-20 yards downfield." Bleacher Report

This is the best quote i have read about the upcoming draft at the QB position...

There is no Andrew Luck on this list, nor is there Robert Griffin III, at least not on the surface. As we rank the quarterbacks of the 2013 NFL draft, there is no leader in the clubhouse—yet. Opinions are all over the place." Bleacher Report

My thought is they trade up for Geno Smith. He definitely had an up and down season after tearing it up after the first five games, however his season took a nosedive and then lost the prestigious Pinstripe Bowl to Nassib and the Orangemen. Hes still big, athletic has a strong arm and moves the chains. Im looking forward to a change in Buffalo.

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