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A notable victory this week may mark the turning point for Canada's 85 remaining southern resident killer whales.

Dear xxxxx,

A Cause for Hope

Last fall, Ecojustice Lawyers Lara Tessaro and Margot Venton launched a lawsuit on behalf on nine environmental organizations, challenging the Canadian government to protect BC's killer whale habitat.

We are pleased to let you know that this lawsuit forced the federal government to legally protect the critical habitat of this endangered species. This March 4th, 2009 will mark the first time a critical habitat Protection Order has ever been issued under the Species at Risk Act, and we congratulate our lawyers and clients on this precedent-setting victory.

More Good News

Just days prior to this encouraging announcement, we celebrated the arrival of two baby killer whales spotted off the coast of Vancouver Island. These additions join the J pod and L pod southern residents who, as you know, remain perilously close to extinction due to serious threats from declining salmon stocks, increased boat traffic and pollution.

"To recover, killer whales need more than the status quo from the federal government and so we’re thrilled our lawsuit forced it to issue this habitat protection Order,†said Ecojustice lawyer Lara Tessaro. “Now we’ll be pushing to ensure this Order leads to action.â€

Together we are making the case for killer whale habitat protection, giving this endangered species a fighting chance.

Yours truly,

Devon Page, Executive Director

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