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Help I need to undelete files!!! Music tradgey!

The Chameleon

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Hi All,

Recently I was organizing some audio files in my collection and somehow I accidentally deleted a huge chunk of key .flac, .wav and .mp3 files.

I know there are many data recovery programs out there but can any of you recommend a good one. If I have to pay for it I want it to work, although freware would be best.

Any suggestions? Help a brother out!

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I am not sure which software to use off the top of my head but can give you some advice

Stop doing anything on that computer until the files are recovered. You have not actually deleted anything, more just made the files able to be written over. So the more stuff you do on the computer, the more files you could potentially be writing over.

If you find yourself stuck without any music let me know, I've got a decent collection of back ups, and you are welcome to come over and replace your lost backups if need be.

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