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One thin layer of tissue away from "Flesh eating disease"


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Well I went in the hospital last Monday night when my elbow started to swell up. They operated on Wednesday, I was sent home on Saturday and I will be home from work for another week. Apparently the type of bacteria that was in my bursa in my elbow can also cause Necrotizing Faciitis or "flesh eating disease". I am still a bit confused about how close it was, but apparently I was very lucky that the infection stayed in my elbow!

I have never had anything like this happen before, and I hadn't banged or hurt my elbow in anyway. The only thing that may have contributed to this happening was a tiny scab on my elbow caused by dry skin.....apparently the infection got in there.

Don't mess around my friends, keep yourselves clean and safe!

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I guy I used to play music with went in to the hospital one morning for a problem with his neck. They determined he had flesh-eating disease and they operated immediately, leaving many vicious-looking scars. They say he would have died by nightfall.

Quick and hungry disease that is - glad you didn't fall prey.

Proves yet again that humans are far from the top of the food chain.

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