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LIVEPHISH Hampton 3/8/09 - MP3s up!!!

Kanada Kev

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Hampton, VA


Sanity 4:14

Wilson 5:01

Foam 8:39

Bathtub Gin 10:58

Undermind 7:28

AC/DC Bag 5:18

My Friend, My Friend 6:29

Scent of a Mule 8:34

All of These Dreams 4:04

Maze 10:40

She Thinks I Still Care 4:34

Army of One 4:36

Tube 6:12

Cars Trucks Buses 4:35

Free 8:36

Frankenstein 5:31


Down with Disease 22:47

Seven Below 7:38

The Horse 1:22

Silent In The Morning 5:00

Twist 8:53

2001 6:16

Moma Dance 6:52

While My Guitar Gently Weeps 6:33

Wading in the Velvet Sea 5:52

Slave to the Traffic Light 10:43


Happy Birthday Leonard 1:31

Contact 7:40

Bug 6:50

Tweezer Reprise 3:48

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I am at Undermined now. Trey tore apart that Bathtub Gin.. Based on that I can't wait to get to the DWD!!!

Trey's playing has steadily improved over the 3 nights.

I think your opinion might change in the next hour or so.

Can someone explain how Trey can't play 2001?

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