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Best Phish of the 3 nights?


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Did they play all of these, I don't remember seeing pebbles and marbles.




46 Days --> Pebbles and Marbles, Down with Disease, Possum --> Carini, Taste, Seven Below --> Fast Enough for You


Mike's Song --> Harry Hood, Waste, Ya Mar, Chalkdust Torture, Stash

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I was lucky enough to be at all three gigs and looking at it subjectively the second night was my personal best. I feel that way much to due to the fact that I had personal debuts of "Gumbo," "It's Ice" and "A Day in the Life." All three songs I have wanted since I became a phan of the band in the mid nineties.

To attempt to look at it objectively I would say the first night was the best. As it was a Phish concert that covered all of their tricks. Phan participation songs, vacuum cleaner solo, trampolines and a cappella song mixed in between many epic Phish songs.

That said I thought all three nights Phish were on their game and came to play. I am so looking forward to bonnaroo in June, especially for their Friday late night set.



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Been "analyzing" these shows pretty much non-stop since i downloaded them. I find it interesting to hear the progression. Its obviously a whole different ball game being there, as opposed to listening to free mp3's, however you can really hear them working out the kinks throughout the three nights.

Friday nights energy is unreal, and I think we would have all expected that; it was, of course the first show in almost five years. That being said, and energy aside, the playing does get better throughout the course of the weekend.

The bottom line is, that these guys are back, and they seem serious about delivering quality music once more...so no matter what I am thrilled.

Even though I was not there, I had soooo much fun following the festivities from Northern Ontario. I pretty much dedicated my evenings to tracking the setlists of twitter and phish.com..and then the following day loading up my ipod and running while I listened intently to the previous nights magic. And it was magical.

I had taken for granted the touring years of 92-97 and how we would wait for our phish newsletters to come in the mail, or tyring to be the first one to say..."did ya here, they played Emotional rescue last night".

I simply think Phish's return is a good thing for music. On that note...i was simply meaning to write down my fav songs of the weekend (so far..things change with time)

Back on the train (i used to dislike this song a lot...funny now i love it)

Tube (the jam is short but maybe the best and tightest of the weekend)

Transition into MOMA Dance...simply amazin'

Army of One ...sounded great...love the song...


PAGE...finally, he is playing the way I always thought he could. In the early nineties he blew my mind all the time, then he simply began to fade into the mix....not in hampton

okay thats all for now

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"Tube (the jam is short but maybe the best and tightest of the weekend)"


I also remember when they dropped into momma me and my friends all gave each other that grin, did you just hear that! Page was amazing last weekend. Could really hear him loud in the mix and his playing was great. Loved it when he went behind the amps to get his keytar!!!

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agreed about page. he is turned up and sounds awesome. i think some time around 97 mike got turned way up and you lost a bit of page. now though even in the quiet parts you hear page really well ie. divided sky soundscape...

loved the transition and moma dance as well...never liked that song that much till that night.

i find it overall more 'happy' phish. they never got too dark and kept the jams short and tight.

there is no doubt there is goodness to come...

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