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Police seize more than US$1 million from Phish fans at reunion concert


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Police seize more than US$1 million from Phish fans at reunion concert



HAMPTON, Va. - Some Phish fans are leaving Hampton a little lighter than when they arrived for the band's weekend reunion.

Police said Monday they confiscated about US$1.2 million in illegal drugs and more than $68,000 in cash from concertgoers. Authorities also arrested 194 Phish fans during the three-night celebration of the band's return to the stage after a nearly five-year absence.

Most of the arrests were for drug possession, use and distribution, police said.

Tourism officials had estimated 75,000 fans would be coming to the coastal Virginia city. Nearly 200 law enforcement officers worked the weekend event, with the Vermont-based band picking up the tab.

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"screw Phish, go on Diesel Dog tour. These types of issues don't seem to arise with them."

Ironic, as I believe Diesel Doug was at the shows.

the only reason doug was there was do give out BJs in the lot and the world fisting championship was in VA the next day.

Play Chico you fuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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