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Happy birthday, livingstoned!


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ahahaha! Thank you everyone.

Ike - done!

snarfmaster c - done!

Schwa., Hal, c-towns - gold pure gold - you guys know me too well.

Mojo is enjoying a day off - others helping me rather than mojo helping everyone else...so go get ME a beer this time Schwa.

Hal - we've prefected the lift now lets take our show on the road, hope to see you Saturday centre stage to show it off for a bigger audience this time. ;)

Blurry - my olympic training is on hold at the moment. I sustained the exact same injury the other night as I did in Chatham. Though not from another high jump attempt, rather someone decided to pick me up and carry me around only to trip and not only drop me, but fall on top of me as well. Don't know why people always try to pick me up - am I little or something? Perhaps I should borrow that helmet just for everyday use. Anyway I'll be sure to keep you posted on my progress once I'm recovered and back in training and I won't forget you. You are after all my original inspiration for the whole high jumping thing SO if I do make it in 2012, you can be my official trainer and come with me to the olympics. OK? Ok then!

Cheers Everyone! :):):)

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