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Trey and Page Join the Allmans at The Beacon


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Posted by: dgreenhaus

Posted on: 2009-03-13 07:32:03 ET

Last Updated: 2009-03-13 07:37:54 ET

Confirming widely speculated rumors, both Trey Anastasio and Page McConnell joined the Allman Brothers at their Thursday night show at the newly renovated Beacon Theater.

The Allman Brothers are celebrating their 40th anniversary during this run by inviting guests to join them on stage each night. Monday's show saw Levon Helm and Taj Mahal take the stage while Tuesday's show saw the band joined by both Johnny Winter and Los Lobos.

Midway through Thursday night's set, The Allmans welcomed blues legend Buddy Guy to the stage for a spirited take on the classic "The Sky is Cryin'." Buddy remained on the stage for a run through of "You Dont Love Me" and then the entire group was joined by Trey and Page for a take on "Southbound" to close the first set.

The band then returned to the stage for the second set with Trey and Page in tow for takes on "I Know You Rider" and "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed." Astute fans will remember that this is not the first time Trey has joined the Allmans for "Liz Reed" nor the first time Page has joined the band either.

And lastly, as everyone knows, this is not the first time that Trey and Warren Haynes have shared the stage. For those who have not seen the video, we direct you to this video of Trey and Warren Haynes jamming together and discussing their art.

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Good little write up here: http://www.glidemagazine.com/hiddentrack/a-phishy-night-for-the-allman-brothers-band/



The Allman Brothers Band took things to the next level tonight both by themselves and with special guests keyboardist Page McConnell and axemen Buddy Guy and Trey Anastasio at the third show of their 40th Anniversary run at the Beacon Theatre in New York City. ABB guitarists Derek Trucks and Warren Haynes both were up to the task of dueling with their extremely talented guests and the crowd ate up every moment of it.

[Moogis Screenshots]

I’ve been following the run on Moogis so far and tonight was the first show of the run I caught in person. Boy, did I pick the right night to show up at the Beacon. It was clear the Trey and Page rumors I’ve been hearing for weeks were about to come true when I entered the newly renovated theater to see Anastasio’s wooden cabinet set up next to bassist Oteil Burbridge’s rig. As amazing as the Phish member’s sit-ins were, this show would still be my favorite ABB show I’ve seen without a sniff of our boys.

This third show started the same way the first show of the run started off on Monday; Derek and Warren nailed Duane Allman’s beautiful instrumental - Little Martha. The rest of the band shuffled out afterwards and ran through a number of their more bluesy numbers before welcoming Chicago blues legend Buddy Guy to the stage for a nasty cover of Elmore James’ The Sky Is Crying. Trucks was beaming as he dueled with Guy - one of his influences - through a number of call and response segments.

READ ON for the rest of Scotty’s ABB at the Beacon review…

Fresh off their reunion concerts in Hampton, McConnell and Anastasio of Phish joined Guy and the Allmans for a blistering take on Southbound that found all the extremely talented musicians on that stage taking turns at tearing the song a new a-hole. Anastasio couldn’t contain his enormous smile and whispered sweet nothings in Guy’s ear while Trucks showed off his massive skill set. We had four of the most badass guitarists in the world going at it and each axeman added a different spice to the stew.

After a brief setbreak that found even the most jaded of Peacheaters praising the Phishies appearance, the band returned to the stage without Jaimoe and with Trey and Page. The ensemble noodled around with the intro of Blue Sky before drummers Marc Quinones and Butch Trucks started the shuffling beat of I Know You Rider. Both Page and Trey were set up with microphones and shared vocals with Gregg Allman and Haynes. Warren led the way on both the vocals and the solos, but not before Page and Trey added long melodic solos on the tune which they had rocked out with Phil Lesh and Friends back in 1999.

Following Rider, Anastasio and McConnell stayed on for an In Memory of Elizabeth Reed that found them gelling with the Allmans in a way that had eluded them during their previous sit-ins at the Beacon throughout the years. Trey patiently toyed with a few of the themes from the famed Live at Fillmore East Liz Reed before turning it up to a level I’m not sure I saw down in Hampton for rapidfire runs across the fretboad that whipped the crowd into a frenzy. Anastasio kept building and building the jam to multiple crescendos with some of his signature machine gun licks. I could’ve died a happy man right there and then after finally seeing Phish’s Jersey boys shoot and score during an Allmans’ show.

We were about 40 minutes into the set when Trey and Page left the Allmans to their own devices. Now, I had seen the Allmans a few times on the last Beacon run back in 2007 and I was a bit underwhelmed with what I saw. Derek and Warren seemed uninterested and Gregg’s voice wasn’t as booming as usual. That wasn’t the case tonight as each member was firing on all cylinders. They played to a high level both individually and as a unit during 20 minute takes on Dreams and Jessica.

Now, we can’t ignore bassist Oteil Burbridge’s role in the madness. I feel bad for his bass. He beat the piss out of that thing all night long laying down some wacky melodies that led the soloists in different directions. Oteil’s bass tech must have to rebuild that four-string Fender every night after the brutality Burbridge brings to that poor instrument. The Brothers feature one of the best bassists in the game and he’s more confident than ever with his role in the band.

All in all, we got an hour-plus four song second set that was by a longshot my favorite I’ve seen from any incarnation of the Allmans. I’d say there was about five minutes of singing mixed into the massive improvisations as each member was feeling it on this evening. The Brothers were on all night and I can’t even imagine how good they’ll sound by the 15th and final show on March 28. Head to either the Beacon or Moogis tomorrow night when they return for the fourth show of the run, you won’t be sorry.

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You may get your wish Bouchard. Some kid posted this at PT before the run started and its been pretty bang-on, aside from the spelling mistakes.......

3/9 - Levon Helm, Taj Mahal

3/10 - Johnny Winter, Los Lobos

3/12 - Trey & Paige

3/13 - Boz Scaggs

3/14 - Chick Corea, Lenny White, and possibly Stanley Clarke

3/16 - John Hammond, Bonnie Brownlett

3/18 - Sheryl Crow

3/19 - Clapton

3/20 - Clapton

3/21 - TBD

3/23 - TBD

3/24 - Billy Gibbons, Sonny Landreth

3/27 - Gary Rossinger , Ivan Neville, possibly Kid Roc

3/28 - Weir & Lesh

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I'll be there on Monday and I can't really decide how I feel about John Hammond. I've seen him play, solo acoustic, doing his delta blues thing but unless he plays electric or they play an acoustic set I'm a bit confused as to how that will work. However, it will allow for the actual members of the band to play a bit more.

Sonny Landreth and Billy Gibbons would be sick, 4 sick slide players in one night, on one stage. Fuck thats my goddamn guitar fantasy right there! Weir and Lesh closing should be cool. Clapton will be amazing and is easily the most anticipated and talked about guest.

In 2007 I had the pleasure of seeing Peter Frampton guest and it was amazing (04/06/07). Despite what you might think Frampton can play and easily kept up with Warren and Derek for Key to the Highway and Born Under A Bad Sign. The next night was a let down though with Bernie Williams, the retired NY yankee guest on guitar and not keeping up at all, and Gov't Mule playing a short set, and also not very well. Williams got more response from the crowd than the Allmans did and it was really sad. Go figure, its mostly a new york audience.

Anyway, I love going to the Beacon.

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Moogis Stream

Now, I won't deny that this is a pretty cool service, however, I have a problem with their business model. I'm don't understand the flat rate. How can they assume that EVERYONE can and wants to see EVERY show? If one just wants to see the clapton events, or ratdog (cough), they would have to pay the full $125. That's robbery.

Mind you, this is a low quality version of the stream that they are selling

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I know you Rider? Seriously?

That was a throw-away to have Trey and Page on. Seriously, their two solos were nothing stellar at all.

Where's the Liz Reed? Now THAT I would expect that they could shine a bit more on ...

The second set looks AMAZING on paper:

Set 1

Little Martha

Trouble No More

Leave My Blues at Home

Who’s Been Talking (old Howling Wolf Song)

Black Hearted Woman

You Can’t Lose What You Never Had

The Sky Is Crying (with Buddy Guy)

You Don’t Love Me (with Buddy Guy)

Southbound (Buddy Guy/Page/Trey)

Set 2

I know You Rider w/Trey & Page

Liz Reed w/Trey & Page



Encore: Statesboro Blues (extended version)

That spinning mushroom in behind looks pretty damn cool though :D

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I'd like to see Bob Weir get called up and have to keep up with warren and derek. That'd be pure comedy.

Well.....future me does in fact enjoy watching this. It's like dark comedy or something. My fav part is at 2:22 when Weir elegantly turns around to adjust his amp.

fun quote from youtube:

Phi Lesh and Bob Weir join. This is the back end of Sugaree. Warren sings this well and Bob should just let him sing the whole thing. Bob should stop singing in this way he does. Years ago he was a god to me. Gotta stop doing Jerry songs.

:grin: :grin:


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