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I'm moving to Ottawa!


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subtitle: Or trying to..

Yup that's right! I got back from Uganda about a month ago, as did my girlfriend from Ghana. She was offered a great job with the organization that sent her to Ghana (Canadian Cooperative Association) and after a few days of talking and decision making, she took the gig and I'm trying my best to make it in the Capital.

She just found us an apartment on Cooper St. in Centre Town. Thanks to everyone for giving apartment finding tips in that other thread.

I'm excited to join all youz up there! I haven't explored Ottawa a whole save for a few days here and there so I'm looking forward to it. I NEED SHOW-GOING BUDDIES! My lady friend is into it, but not to the same degree.

PS - I'm also looking for a job. I have some cool ideas for a new shawarma place called Shawarma Dance but I'm open to other options too.

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It's looking like April 2nd or 3rd will be my official landing date. Mark your calendars! Wish I could've been up there for the Spades on St. Patty's but alas.

Booche, I think we only really met once, at CTMF one year, late at night... Looking forward to a more coherent meeting though (leading to less coherence over several hours).

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Haha, thanks dudes!

Snarf, I am crushed that you won't be here no mo'. :( I may be in town for a few days next weekend helping to move in, then back to the Hammer, then back again right around April 2.

Sounds good Sean, count me in at about... 85% for now.

Oh I found out its on Cooper between Bank & Elgin, NOT east of Elgin like I thought before. I'm getting the feeling I'm quite ideally located!

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kev - i am also crushed that our time in ottawa won't overlap for more than a metter of weeks. why? why didn;'t you move here a year ago?

figures. things start looking up as soon as i'm packin my bags. :(

well, i hope to be out of my job and have the house dealt with by the time april rolls around, so i'll be free as a bird and ready to party by then. :)

and come may, you'll have a farm to visit down peterborough way!

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