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Radiohead March Tour

Guest Low Roller

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Guest Low Roller

The boys are down in South America this month. I'm curious about the shows to see if any of the rumoured new songs crop up. Also interesting to see if any other Pablo Honey songs find their way back into the setlist after Blowout returned to the rotation during the Japan tour.

Mar 15, Mexico City, Mexico

Mar 16, Mexico City, Mexico

Mar 20, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Mar 22, São Paulo, Brazil

Mar 24, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Mar 26, Santiago, Chile

Mar 27, Santiago, Chile

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Guest Low Roller


Mexico City, March 15th 2009

01 15 Step

02 Airbag

03 There, There

04 All I Need

05 Nude

06 Weird Fishes

07 The Gloaming

08 The National Anthem

09 Faust Arp

10 No Surprises

11 Jigsaw Falling Into Place

12 Lucky

13 Reckoner

14 Optimistic

15 Idioteque

16 Fake Plastic Trees

17 Bodysnatchers

First Encore

18 Videotape

19 Paranoid Android

20 House of Cards

21 My Iron Lung

22 Street Spirit (fade out)

Second Encore

23 Pyramid Song

24 Just

25 The One I Love (REM)/Everything In Its Right Place

Looks like a solid setlist with no real surprises. I see that they are still playing My Iron Lung on a regular basis.

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Guest Low Roller

Setlist for Monday, March 16:

01-- 15 Step

02-- There There

03-- The National Anthem

04-- All I Need

05-- Kid A

06-- Karma Police

07-- Nude

08-- Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

09-- The Gloaming

10-- Talk Show Host

11-- Videotape

12-- You and Whose Army?

13-- Jigsaw Falling Into Place

14-- Idioteque

15-- Climbing Up The Walls

16-- Exit Music (For a Film)

17-- Bodysnatchers

First Encore

18-- How to Disappear Completely

19-- Paranoid Android

20-- Dollars and Cents

21-- The Bends

22-- Everything In Its Right Place

Second Encore

23-- Like Spinning Plates

24-- Reckoner

25-- Creep

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Wow. they pulled it out in Tokyo exactly 2 months after I said online here that I wanted to hear it in Montreal.

I was hoping to get a Blowout, but I don't know if they even play that song anymore. I was half expecting to hear it about halfway through to bridge a few new songs with some songs from the bends or my iron lung.

I am glad we didn't get a creep.

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Praca Da Apoteose -

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

March 20, 2009

w/ Kraftwerk


01. 15 step

02. Airbag

03. There There

04. All I Need

05. Karma Police

06. Nude

07. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

08. The National Anthem

09. The Gloaming

10. Faust Arp

11. No Surprises

12. Jigsaw Falling Into Place

13. Idioteque

14. I Might Be Wrong

15. Street Spirit (Fade Out)

16. Bodysnatchers

17. How to Disappear Completely

18. Videotape

19. Paranoid Android

20. House of Cards

21. Just

22. Everything In Its Right Place

23. You and Whose Army?

24. Reckoner

25. Creep

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