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Serena Ryder last night


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..what a brilliant show. That girl is a force of nature-I've never seen a better or more soulful singer......and I mean NEVER! I'd put her up there with any great singer you can name from any era; one of those singers that the best songs in the world are meant for.

She isn't a 'jam band' and isn't singing ground breaking stuff but the soul she is singing from makes it clear that it's not the songs that matter so much as the voice and spirit they are delivered with. If I had a sixteenth or even thirty second of her delivery I would be happy.

She is destined for greatness and you should really check her out live and give her some love along the way despite the industry respect she is getting in Canada.

....I am actually wondering if the industry is smartening up with their respect for the likes of her and Feist and folks like that.....

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I was also at the Bronson Centre and was glad to have gone.

Definitely a treat. I often think/say artists like her should stretch out little parts of songs even for 15 more seconds. Fifteen minute jams in the middle of sisters of mercy takes a certain touch that only a handful of people out there could pull off tastefully - but really, who am I to say - especially over and over and over (i'm just at over and over)?

At the time fifteen seconds would feels like a whole lot - especially in 5 songs throughout the night. That being said, Monday night I didn't feel rushed through her set. I can always want a bit more, but it's great to be entirely happy with less.

I got the impression the band was either just recently reformed or it was for this tour. What a (seemingly) great gig. I can only presume she'd be a great person to support on stage. I'd love to be travelling the country playing songs like that with someone as seemingly genuine and interesting as Serena Ryder (let alone soulful and talented)

Royal Wood was a fantastic opener. Reminded me of McCartney.

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I gather that she still has to tour solo in the USA so doesn't actually play with her band all that much. That's a shame especially given that she is touring in support of her first 'full band' album and playing with them all across Canada.

Still not big enough in the States I guess. She does a lot of shows there but they are all solo.

It's a livin' but it must be kind of lonely. I've known fairly well known Canadian artists who have done the solo tour where they are literally alone driving all across the country and showing up for the gigs their management has booked.

I gather Serena at least has some management traveling with her so it's not quite as bad in that sense.

I wonder if she wouldn't be better off having her management book her as an opening act for some larger bands where she can bring her band and keep them in the loop.

GOD imagine a show with her band opening up for Neko Case for example....that would blow my mind!

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'Improvising' is not always akin to 'grooving' or 'rocking out' for most people. Though it would be great to hear what she'd think of on the spot, a great baby step would be just a bit longer live renditions.

A small band tour in a van/very big car with a trailer would be a fair and fun endeavour and could play out well with local guest appearances and openers.

At a time of media upheaval, community is a great thing to build, and it seems like she's been in there measuring for crown molding everywhere in the neighbourhood. Those 'on my last record' talks were seamless.

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one of those singers that the best songs in the world are meant for.
it's not the songs that matter so much

i don't know if i'd give her the best song in the world and then have it not matter once she started singing it... but perhaps i misunderstood.

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You DID misunderstand, AD.

localcrew was getting at Ms. Ryder being a gifted singer that really can make great songs touch listeners in a very special way...

...but since her most noticable gift is in her personality and expression, a song's failed graces wouldn't be front and centre.

The songs themselves don't matter but their meanings are shared with the crowd every time.

I think localcrew has a crush.

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I think that believing that line may disappoint the discerning music critic.

It's sort of the gist, but it's not entirely my opinion...because I believe that she'd do her best to 'fix' the song - so it wouldn't be such a terrible song anymore.

She seems to put a lot of herself into her performance and product...which really works well on cover songs.

I enjoyed the show and have liked her for years, but can take enough of a step back to see that a lot of the hype we may or may not hear about her in the next couple of years (if localcrew is right) won't just be hype...but will probably benefit from being a bit more grounded.

the Bronson Centre floor was packed. I can only guess the balcony filled up nicely too. If it would have been licensed the night could have gotten really rowdy and huggy. It'd be great to see her at blues/folk fest or in a cabaret style venue.

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If you ever get a chance to watch her soundcheck, it's great entertainment. She knows a million songs and just runs through them (at least for solo soundchecks) with a big goddamn grin on her face. She absolutely loves music, and fortunately for us, she loves making it and does an amazing job.

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