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Lapsed Gatineau parking ticket - write of seizure!?


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Anyone ever get a parking ticket in Gatineau and not pay it for a a few months?

I retrieved some mail from an old residence and found this notice that the fine had swelled to $150 and "take notice that a writ of seizure has been issued against you and will be submitted to a baliff for action on the due date indicated above. Your property may be seized (vehicle, salary, moveables, etc.) you can avoid additional charges by paying before the expiry date indicated above"

Can they do this for every damn parking ticket? scare tactics? take the gf's care to the Gats from now on? Anyone have any insight?

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Yes. They can do this. This means that there is now a Writ against your name, and if you ever try to buy a house, refinance, etc, they will be notified and paid first.

I suggest contacting the Crown in Gatineau, explain that you didn't get the ticket until now, that you are prepared to pay the original ticket, if they will vacate the Writ. They might. They don't have to. If they will do that, you will almost certainly have to appear in Court to get it rubber-stamped by a Justice of the Peace.

(Municipalities are very tenacious with their Writs of Seizure and Sale. I know this from experienc; not personal experience - professional.)

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Here's something I know from experience - you'll spend a night in a Hull jail if the police catch you over there, even after the ticket is paid.

(Happened to an old roommate of mine, I got the 3 am call to come bail him out).

Ha!, Quebec can be a funny place. I remember getting pulled over ( I was a passenger) and the cops checked everyones ID. They came back and told me I had an unpaid ticket. My options were to go to jail or pay the cops cash on the spot.

I paid them.

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